8 August Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative


1. Shaking of political parties and coalition govt! 

Tells us that all that can be shaken will be shaken. We must continue to push in-for our nation.  2019 is an election year, God’s plan is for a coalition government and we can facilitate this by prayer and legislating the SPIRIT many months before it takes place! ISAIAH 24:1-14

2. Praying for the local governments in our city!

May wisdom and grace be given for the purpose of ruling well, for the destinies and callings of our cities to be established! ACTS 17:16 – Ephesus was given over to idolatry, but Paul and his team overturned the culture of the city. May this fast be sacrificial and fruitful personally and corporately for our nation, God bless you on this day!

3.  Praying for our economy! Luke 5:7- the fruit of properly aligned partners

Establishment of the right financial investors and partners for SA!  Partners with moral ethics and values, so as to strengthen our economy which will have multiple effects going forward!  Our economy is in a crisis and we need divine intervention!
Global economies need to be rightly aligned with our nation so as to prosper South Africa and its people. Pray for divine strategies for our leaders in controlling this economy!