6 June Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative



God is wanting to solve the land issue. It is a completely UNJUST and UNGODLY system whereby all land is owned and administrated by TRIBAL CHIEFS within our African context. Millions are working and living on the land, with NO OWNERSHIP. This is not pleasing to GOD!

Through individual ownership of land, many benefits have been derived.   The present day struggles of land ownership are not In the days after Solomon, especially, the land of Canaan becomes the focus of an ongoing struggle between the forces of greed, land grabbing, and exploitation. As such it became one of the constant issues mentioned by the prophets as they warned against “add house to house and joining field to field” (Isa. 5:8)7 God condemns other forms of abuse, such as:

tearing the land away from those who were weak, poor, or disadvantaged in their rights.


We are using the NEHEMIAH principle to pray earnestly for our cities. Jerusalem had gone into captivity, its people were in bondage and there was no sign of deliverance. Jerusalem’s gates were burned with fire…

God raises up NEHEMIAH, we notice so clearly that Nehemiah had three characteristics and key ingredients needed for city transformation! These three keys are found in:

Nehemiah 1:3-4

  1. weeping
  2. mourned
  3. fasted

We may ask ourselves the question: WHERE ARE THE NEHEMIAH’S of this day? Nehemiah called the intercessors, those with the BURDEN to PRAY and PETITION, moving within the COURTS OF HEAVEN, for the restoration of the CITY!!!!!


As a result of God’s healing work in our lives, we are then able to appreciate our brothers through the eyes of Jesus. Knowing that God has created us in HIS IMAGE, gives us a clear mandate on how to live peacefully with all men. God is love and when we love one another we are responding to one another in a different spirit, God’s spirit. May God grant us the UNDERSTANDING of the various ways we can love one another. Let us release and pray 1 Corinthians ch. 13 over this nation, trusting for God to change the people’s hearts toward each other.


Righteousness, truth and justice are three FOUNDATION of God’s throne. We should be weeping because justice has failed us. God has raised a judiciary in this nation that need our

  2. Cancelling and PETITIONING against all assignments on the judiciary
  3. A strong JUDICIAL BODY in SA, men of wisdom, honour, representing the Kingdom of God.