4 July Fast 2018 – Prayer Initiative


We are fast approaching July 4th, which is the day we set time aside to pray for our nation. This is one day where we can all be in unity and agreement for our nation. Below are some scriptures that one can pray and please adapt these scriptures to your relevant towns and cities. It is as we deal with corruption on a local level within our cities that God is then able to escalate the justice to a national level.

Scriptures to pray: Isaiah 56:1, 59:14-18, Zach 8:16

Many scriptures tell us that there is a lack of a cry for JUSTICE. Today as the church, we have the power to rise up and call for Justice to be released from God’s throne. Justice against inequality, justice against those who have corrupted this nation, justice in civil society, and even personal justice. The spirit in which we cry for justice is one of love, and not of retaliation and hatred. As we do this, God will move in such way in every sector of our lives, our nation and the church, and we will receive an open heaven of Justice.

Ecclesiastes 3:17 tells us that God will JUDGE the wicked, as there is a time for every purpose under heaven. Let us call for his JUSTICE, as justice brings judgement.
Thank you for being part of this fasting and prayer day, as we witness His Kingdom come in our cities and our nation.