Week 16 – Governmental Prayer Watch


  • We must repent for the way that we as South Africans have treated foreigners Jeremiah 7:6-7
  • We stand against the anarchy and rebellion against authority Romans 13:1-2. Pray against lawlessness, pray for submission.
  • Isaiah 3:5 was a judgement the Lord unleashed on Judah and Jerusalem. Pray that the judgement we have unleashed on ourselves by our actions (including idolatry) be reversed, as we repent. Isaiah 3:10-11.
  • Femicide is a serious problem in our nation. Pray for wisdom to deal with it from the roots, and not just dealing the symptoms. Daniel 2:22. Pray that God changes the hearts of men (both men and women) in our society Jeremiah 17:9, Matthew 11:29.

2. The judiciary – THE ZONDO COMMISSION

  • The Zondo Commission is not a talk-shop, neither is it a joke. They have acted with impunity for a long time and they have gotten used to impunity. They are arrogant. But there is coming a day when My judgement will fall, says the the Lord, and they will not get away. Malachi 4:1-2.
  • My witnesses will remain protected, and those that are on the side of good will rejoice.
  • Continue praying for the protection of men and women of the bench and witnesses Psalm 121:5

3. Birthing of a New SOUTH AFRICA.

  • Isaiah 66:7-8. Pray for the safe transitioning of our nation to get to the place God has for us.
  • Release of His stewards into positions of power Romans 8:18-22
  • Speedy recovery of the economy – Specifically, wisdom and guidance for COJ leadership and Mayor Herman Mashaba on how to rejuvenate the local economy. Johannesburg is the business hub and engine room of the SA economy, and will lead its recovery. Psalm 32:8, Isaiah 42:16.