21 Day Fasting & Prayer Strategy

14 January – 4 February 2015


  • S.A. may turn back to God
  • God’s will & purpose for this nation to be released
  • All to live in peace, prosperity and goodwill

How will these objectives be reached?  By engaging in:

  • Strategic Prayer & fasting in the Spirit realm.
  • By removing all leadership that will not bow its knee to Jesus!



  • Isaiah 58:6-8
  • Proverbs 11:10-11
  • 2 Chronicles 7:14
  • 1 Peter 5:5
  • 1 Timothy 2:1-2
  • Psalm 82:3


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SAbacktogod & Ruach Ministries



Prayer for our government, for the raising up of a government that honors God…  For the removal of corrupt leadership, for


For the Church in our land…. For an awakening in the Spirit, for Revival in the church in SA!  Praying for our Church leaders, of our own communities, and the place of worship we are submitted to.


For the law & order – through our JUSTICE SYSTEM, praying for those in government, praying against injustice in our land.  The foundation of God’s throne is JUSTICE!!!!


Praying for New Laws, for protection against rape/sexual and domestic violence.  Laws to be passed for harsher sentences’ for offenders.


Praying for our POLICE COMISSIONER, the removal of corrupt police.  For a new standard of rulership in the police force!


Praying for our Mines.  Praying against greed and misappropriation of wealth.  Praying for living wages, and living conditions in our mines.


Praying for political parties – for the COALITION of Parties who represent our God.  For a UNITY of purpose within these parties in S.A.


Praying for minimizing of effects of all STRIKES in our Nation.  South Africa will not be CRIPPLED by strikes in 2015!


Praying for the breakdown of TRADE UNIONS that will not have honest and fair representation.  Those that are corrupt, self-serving and do not represent their people and the good of this land, may they disband and continue no more. May their plans to bring anarchy and disorder to South Africa be brought to naught.

DAY 10

Praying for Education System:  for Christianity to be restored, the God of the Bible to be taught in schools.  The prohibition of SATANISM being allowed to be practiced in schools

DAY 11

Praying for the FAMILY:  for the autonomy of the family to be preserved, for parents to have full leadership and rulership of the children.  That the STATE will have no power to rule in the God given order of PARENTAL Leadership in the home.

DAY 12

Praying for Politicians, Church Leader’s/voices to emerge, so as to work together as one in strategizing for the future of the Nation.

DAY 13

Praying for the preparation of our NEW PRESIDENT.  A man of GOD, who

God has chosen for the future leadership of this nation!

DAY 14

Praying for the MEDIA, for the closure of media houses that will not report accurately, for those deliberately being used as agents of fear, and anarchy

DAY 15

Praying against all Political Parties/voices, citing violence, anarchy and racial hatred.  Praying that their plans will be frustrated, their voices will be gagged and that confusion will reign in their leadership.  Thereby they will gain no ground in their future plans and assignments, and SA will live in peace and stability.

DAY 16

Praying for the farmers, for the government and for the “Land distribution” movements.  Praying that land be equally distributed to the rightful owner, and that this be done peacefully and strategically, benefiting the nation as a whole!

DAY 17

Praying against pestilence and crop failure for our Farmers, that S.A. would yield a bumper harvest in 2015!!!  For peace and unity amongst farm workers.

DAY 18

Praying for ESKOM and state enterprises.  For removal of corrupt leaders, for corruption to be exposed, for SUPERNATURAL COMPLETION of MEDUPI  POWER station.  For SAA, that corrupt dealings will be stopped immediately!!!

DAY 19

Praying for PARLIAMENT:  Praying that our parliament  would be defined by God himself!  That parliamentary debate would be at such a high level in order for laws to be passed promoting this nation.

DAY 20

Praying for against Islam and the spreading of Islam and its values in our country.   Praying for the doors & gates to Islam to be closed in this Nation.

DAY 21

This is the day of THANKSGIVVING, whereby we spend time giving thanks for    our fasting BREAKTHROUGH’S.