Janet Brann Hollis and her SA back to God team heard directly from God to call a 21 Day Fast for these Elections. Each morning at 6h00 the team would go live and pray with many online intercessors.  Daily the Holy Spirit would direct Janet and would give her Prophetic Decrees to release over the Nation. The word given by Prophetess Jane Hamon to decree over the nation was heeded through these daily prayers…

In the first few days, we had approximately 20 online prayer warriors standing for Kingdom Release over these elections. Participants and those who viewed the broadcast later reached over one thousand in total on a given day… What have we learned from this twenty-one-day fast?  Janet says she would encourage the intercessors that this was a new day of victory for SA, this statement soon caught on and many would repeat it daily.  Others have said how their prayer life has been revolutionized, strengthened, and grown…. Many leaders, pastors, and politicians participated daily as the prayers gained traction…

Janet will continue to pray weekly on a Wednesday morning with the watchman of the nation until we witness the CHANGING of the GUARD in SA POLITICS… Would you do this again Janet, Yes without a doubt? The favor and blessing of God on this assignment were tangible. God wants SA for himself, and He will have it… through the faithful prayer and the many spheres of Kingdom Governance working together.

The following are the PROPHETIC DECREES released during this time

SA Back To God 21 Decrees for Elections.Pdf


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