National Fast: 25 January – CHURCH/RELIGION

Dr Martin Luther King led a movement that reshaped the whole of society.  We are still feeling the effects of this today. Dr King was a BAPTIST preacher whose influence was felt far beyond his own congregation.


  1. For leaders to receive a revelation of the church and the Kingdom of God.
  2. For revival, a change of heart toward our nation.
  3. For leaders to understand and be in step with present day truths about the Kingdom of God functioning in society and in the marketplace.
  4. The realization that every person is a minister at his workplace.
  5. An understanding that we are not of this world, but functioning in this world.


  1. For revival, repentance, unity and for leaders to take responsibility for the spiritual reasons behind the drought.
  2. For new leadership in the city being raised, may they impact the spiritual climate of the city!

1. Matthew 6:10
2. Eph 6:12
3. Phil 2:15
4. Proverbs 12:19